In a disconcerting turn of events, the issuance of visas for Pakistan's national cricket team for the upcoming ICC World Cup in India has been significantly delayed. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) spokesperson expressed concerns over the unprecedented delay, emphasizing that the team's participation in the prestigious tournament hinges upon the timely issuance of visas.

The PCB spokesperson stated, "Visas for our national team to participate in the World Cup have not yet been issued by the Indian authorities. This delay is highly unusual and has forced us to reconsider our plans and bookings for the tournament. The clearance and visas for the World Cup are currently subjected to exceptional delays, which is a matter of great concern for us."

In a bid to address this pressing issue, the PCB has taken the matter up with the International Cricket Council (ICC). The spokesperson further conveyed, "We have written to the ICC to express our concerns regarding the unfair practices that seem to have been adopted in this matter. Our letter to the ICC emphasizes their responsibility in ensuring a smooth process for all participating teams. The ongoing uncertainty is undeniably frustrating, especially given the fact that we have been discussing these visa-related matters for the past three years."

Time is of the essence, as Pakistan's warm-up match is scheduled for September 29. The original plan was for the team to stay in Dubai en route to India, contingent upon the issuance of visas. However, given the current circumstances, the PCB has been compelled to swiftly adapt its plans to ensure the team's timely arrival and participation in the tournament.

The delay in visa issuance has cast a shadow of uncertainty over Pakistan's preparations for the ICC World Cup, with fans and players alike anxiously awaiting a resolution to this pressing issue. As the cricketing world watches closely, the hope remains that a swift and equitable resolution can be reached to ensure the tournament proceeds smoothly and fairly.

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