During the ongoing 23rd Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, India had an awesome day two! They bagged two gold medals in the sports of shooting and cricket. But, rewind to the first day, which was a Sunday. India did well with five medals, but guess what, none of them was gold.

Asian Games
Let's dive into the golden moments! On Monday, India's shooting team did something amazing. They won India's first gold medal in the 10m rifle shooting event. The team was made up of Divyansh Singh Panwar, Ishwar Partab Singh Tomar, and Rudraksh Patel. But wait, there's more! Not only did they grab the gold, but they also set a new world record. They scored a whopping 1893.7 points in the competition. China had the record before with 1893.3 points, so India went even higher.

Now, let's talk cricket! The Indian women's cricket team had a fantastic day in the final match. They faced off against Sri Lanka and scored a total of 116 runs while losing 7 wickets. Sri Lanka tried their best but could only make 97 runs and lost 8 wickets. This victory was super special because it marked the very first gold medal for the Indian women's cricket team in any competition.

So, day two of the Asian Games brought India two shiny gold medals, one in shooting with a world record, and another in cricket, making history for the women's team. A day worth celebrating! 

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